Loving God Wholly

A discussion broke out the other night with some friends about how do you know if you love God. Do you Love God with all of your heart as the bible says to do? I mean, after all, it is pretty easy to say you love Him in that way, but how do you know if you really do? I made a statement that I believe that you can fall in love with anyone you choose to spend time with. If that is true, and I believe it is, you can truly fall madly in love with God if you spend a lot of time with Him. How many of us spend more time in the presence of the Almighty than with your computer, TV, or even your spouse. I am going to try to increase my time with God this year because I don't want God to look at me someday as you do a friend you don't see very often and could really do without. I want God to look at me and say "I've been waiting for you and I am really glad you are here!" I want this year to be the best year you have ever had with God. Spend time with Him, fall madly in love with Him, and have God looking for you to show up on that great day in the sky.
In His Service,