Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You Know You Do It...

"Let’s pray real quick". If I’ve said that once, I’ve said it a hundred times. The question is, should I? On the surface it seems harmless enough; I mean we all know we should pray in order to receive God’s blessing on whatever it is that we are getting ready to do. Still, I wonder what the phrase is actually doing to us.

 First, when we say "Let’s pray real quick!", we are setting up the prayer as something we need to get out of the way so we can do what we came here to do. Now, I know that’s not what we are thinking, but we are setting up habits and thought processes for the next generation to follow. Who knows, eventually we may choose to skip the prayer all together. We can look around and see how much prayer has been removed from society already.

 The second thing I wonder is what God thinks about the phrase. He wants to bless what we are doing especially if we are doing it for Him. I’m sure the actual prayer that we pray is totally acceptable to God so why do we insist upon downplaying it as something we need to do quickly. I don’t have the answer to why but I am making it a personal goal to not say the words "Let’s pray real quick" because I want to put just as much value on the asking of the blessing as I do on whatever follows the prayer.

 This post is meant to provoke your thinking, not to condemn or judge anyone or their use of this phrase. It is simply something I have been thinking about and besides, Alan Myers said he missed my blogging. So, this is partially his fault.:)

 In His Service
 Gary Coday

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm Coming Back To Where I Started

Hello everyone, since I am letting my site expire, I will keep this blogspot open for anytime I feel I have something to say. I thank each and everyone of you for reading my posts and I would love to hear some of your topics you may want to read about. Sometimes I just need an idea or nudge to get a thought rolling around in my head so the Holy Spirit will give me something to write. I want to be an encourager as well as a truth teller, although sometimes the truth can hurt. Keep in touch and who knows what will happen. In His Service, Gary Coday

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life in Codayville

I've moved my blog to my own site. Please visit

Thursday, February 10, 2011

He wants me to do what?

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. That is sometimes easier to say than it is to really think about what it means. Becoming a child of God is easy, nothing you can physically do to become saved. You realize first that you need salvation (Romans 3:23), then see that Jesus is the only way to find it (Romans 5:6-11). Is it over then, is anything required of me after that? I say yes. The bible is clear about a lot of things and what you are to do after accepting the free gift of salvation is clear. You are to become a new creation, a vessel of honor, so to speak. John 14:12-21 should explain it pretty well. If God's commandments are in us, and we follow those commandments, not just because God said so, but because we want to please our savior, we will remain in His love and He will demonstrate His love for us and will never leave us. I like to think of it like this. If we read the Old Testament,we learn the heart of God. We learn what God loves and also what He hates. God's opinion on these things will never change. The New Testament reveals how much God loves us, so much so that He provided the ultimate sacrifice for our sins so we don't have to offer blood sacrifices anymore. We live in a time of grace, not a time of "anything goes". Our responsibility is to learn what God loves and what God hates. Line up our thoughts, desires, love, and hates with God's and live His commandments. Then we will start seeing supernatural things happen in our lives and the lives around us.
In His Service,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Me and my big mouth!

I can't tell you how many times I wished I hadn't said something. I have a natural tendency to speak, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.(I don't need any help remembering the not so good ones:) )Anyhow, the way I figure it, I might as well focus my talkability for the things of God instead of the things that don't matter as much. Now that doesn't mean that I will stop picking on people via FaceBook or in a friendly conversation, but I am going to "try" to do better. I like to be able to finish a day and reflect and say "I have no regrets today". Let us all be aware of our conversations, thoughts, and overall attitudes. Let's face it, if we don't have a Godly attitude, how can we expect to persuade others to adopt a Godly attitude? Finish the year stronger, happier, and more pure than when you started it. Then, we all can look back at the year and see progress instead of regrets.
In His Service,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomorrow never comes

We live our lives dreaming of tomorrow. We always have plans and dreams of things we are going to do in our tomorrows. But, for some, tomorrow never comes. We say goodbye to a dear friend and man of God, Ross Love, whose untimely passing has left us all with the realization that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. I am also reminded of a quote I read the other day which said "Live each day as if it is your last, one day you will be right!" These words ring so true for me this week and I want to encourage each of you to live each day as if it is your last. Love one another, encourage one another, be what Jesus wants you to be. Let there be no words left unsaid or offenses left unforgiven or repented of. Let today be lived to the fullest and let tomorrow worry about itself.
In His Service,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where have I been?

It's amazing how easy it is to neglect some of the things you have committed to. Take this blog for instance, I want to post quite often, but it seems to have taken a back seat to other things. It got me to thinking about how easy it is to neglect the things of God by getting busy doing day to day life. Try to remember that the things of God are the most important things that make up your life. God always has time for you so we should always have time for Him. Spend time in His word and in prayer and you will see things more clearly than you ever have before.
In His service,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You're unique; just like everyone else

Do you ever wish you were special? Do you hope people would truly miss you if you were gone? We are all special to a certain extent: i.e. no one else in the world will ever be exactly like you physically, spiritually, or mentally. Each of us are a unique individual, a specific body, and soul and that will never change. But let's put this into perspective. How many people do you remember that died 100 years ago? How about 50 years ago? 25? You probably have to think about it to remember the people who died 10 years ago. There are always those people who were close to us that we will remember forever, but just imagine the amount of people who die and are forgotten except for those closest to them. I wrote all of this just to say this; live your life in a way that is right, doing things that are good, noble, and worth remembering. We won't all be famous, but we can all be righteous. Be a helpful person, one that people want to come and talk to because you have the love of God in you. With the help of the Holy Spirit, God can use you to reach, heal, and teach so many people. If you do all this in the love of God, you can and will be remembered by the one that counts.
In His Service,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Be Watchful

Responsible. Not a popular word these days. It's what we hear we are supposed to be when we grow up. Whether we want to be or not, we are all responsible for what we do, what we say, and even what we think. Jesus tells us to take every thought captive, to bring them to the obedience of Christ. That is our responsibility. It is also our responsibility to study to show ourselves approved in our knowledge of the gospel. While we are at it, we are supposed to discern false teachers, false prophets, and false preachers. We are tasked with a lot of responsibilities in our life, but the Holy Spirit is here with us to help us with them. Seek God and lean not on your own understanding but do your part by studying and praying so you will be ready to do the responsible thing every day of your life.
In His Service,

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where Am I?

Have you ever been on vacation, traveling down a highway thinking all along that you were on the right road only to realize that you missed a turn? All of a sudden, you panic and start thinking about the time you have lost going the wrong direction and how much more time you are going to spend getting back where you should be. The same can be true for our Christian walk. If we aren't constantly doing self examinations, reading our bibles, praying and keeping our eyes on Jesus, we can suddenly find we have missed a turn and we aren't where we are supposed to be. Consider this just a short friendly reminder that anyone can get lost at any given time. Just don't forget to ask for directions from the one who made the road.

In His Service,