You Know You Do It...

"Let’s pray real quick". If I’ve said that once, I’ve said it a hundred times. The question is, should I? On the surface it seems harmless enough; I mean we all know we should pray in order to receive God’s blessing on whatever it is that we are getting ready to do. Still, I wonder what the phrase is actually doing to us.

 First, when we say "Let’s pray real quick!", we are setting up the prayer as something we need to get out of the way so we can do what we came here to do. Now, I know that’s not what we are thinking, but we are setting up habits and thought processes for the next generation to follow. Who knows, eventually we may choose to skip the prayer all together. We can look around and see how much prayer has been removed from society already.

 The second thing I wonder is what God thinks about the phrase. He wants to bless what we are doing especially if we are doing it for Him. I’m sure the actual prayer that we pray is totally acceptable to God so why do we insist upon downplaying it as something we need to do quickly. I don’t have the answer to why but I am making it a personal goal to not say the words "Let’s pray real quick" because I want to put just as much value on the asking of the blessing as I do on whatever follows the prayer.

 This post is meant to provoke your thinking, not to condemn or judge anyone or their use of this phrase. It is simply something I have been thinking about and besides, Alan Myers said he missed my blogging. So, this is partially his fault.:)

 In His Service
 Gary Coday