He wants me to do what?

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. That is sometimes easier to say than it is to really think about what it means. Becoming a child of God is easy, nothing you can physically do to become saved. You realize first that you need salvation (Romans 3:23), then see that Jesus is the only way to find it (Romans 5:6-11). Is it over then, is anything required of me after that? I say yes. The bible is clear about a lot of things and what you are to do after accepting the free gift of salvation is clear. You are to become a new creation, a vessel of honor, so to speak. John 14:12-21 should explain it pretty well. If God's commandments are in us, and we follow those commandments, not just because God said so, but because we want to please our savior, we will remain in His love and He will demonstrate His love for us and will never leave us. I like to think of it like this. If we read the Old Testament,we learn the heart of God. We learn what God loves and also what He hates. God's opinion on these things will never change. The New Testament reveals how much God loves us, so much so that He provided the ultimate sacrifice for our sins so we don't have to offer blood sacrifices anymore. We live in a time of grace, not a time of "anything goes". Our responsibility is to learn what God loves and what God hates. Line up our thoughts, desires, love, and hates with God's and live His commandments. Then we will start seeing supernatural things happen in our lives and the lives around us.
In His Service,