You're unique; just like everyone else

Do you ever wish you were special? Do you hope people would truly miss you if you were gone? We are all special to a certain extent: i.e. no one else in the world will ever be exactly like you physically, spiritually, or mentally. Each of us are a unique individual, a specific body, and soul and that will never change. But let's put this into perspective. How many people do you remember that died 100 years ago? How about 50 years ago? 25? You probably have to think about it to remember the people who died 10 years ago. There are always those people who were close to us that we will remember forever, but just imagine the amount of people who die and are forgotten except for those closest to them. I wrote all of this just to say this; live your life in a way that is right, doing things that are good, noble, and worth remembering. We won't all be famous, but we can all be righteous. Be a helpful person, one that people want to come and talk to because you have the love of God in you. With the help of the Holy Spirit, God can use you to reach, heal, and teach so many people. If you do all this in the love of God, you can and will be remembered by the one that counts.
In His Service,